Infected Ones - Chapter Two: Rescue

||| IMPORTANT!!! |||

- Depending on your device, the game and some layouts within it may take time to load. Be patient, if it doesn't load even after a long time, please refresh this page. If the game won't load even after refreshing the page several times, try closing any other open tabs on your browser and refresh the page again.

- The game should go into Fullscreen Mode as soon as you enter the main menu or afterwards. In case Fullscreen Mode doesn't activate automatically, you can activate it manually by clicking the small button in the lower right corner of the game screen.

||| CREDITS |||


- Menu:

- Main Game:

- Mission Failed Screen:

- Mission Accomplished Screen:

Sound Effects:

- Playe's Gun Shots:

- Player's Gun Reloading:

- Blood:

- Zombies:

3D Models:

- Main Character (Blake):


- Gun Fire:

- Various textures for 3D models were taken from:

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